this place is a paradise only if you’re here

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"In this insufficient place, I’d thought I could find no meaning, joy, or value in playing music. Teacher Viera, perhaps even here, there’s something I could do. My heart is fluttering."

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Epik High - Shoebox


01. Raise the Curtains
02. Easy Ending - feat. Jo Won Sun of Roller Coaster
03. Rich - feat. Taeyang
04. Spoiler
05. Burj Khalifa - feat. Dynamic Duo, Yankie, Topbob, DJ Friz
06. Fighting Again - feat. Younha
07. Amor Fati - feat. JW from Nell
08. Born Hater - feat. Beenzino, Verbal Jint, Song Minho, B.I., Bobby
09. Lesson 5 (Timeline)
10. Life is Good - feat. Jay Park
11. Eyes Nose Lips (Uncensored Ver.)
12. Shoebox - feat. MYK from SALTNPAPER

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無印良品 雑誌広告「暮らしを知るひと」(2012)

For this ad series, we visited the residences and workplaces of people leading staunchly individualistic lives. The ads introduce the lives and lifestyles carried on there with text that deftly evokes them, and photos that capture the subjects’ sensibilities regarding the same. By depicting the details of the lives of individuals unfamiliar to the audience, this catalog offers readers an opportunity to consider the essence of a life of true abundance.

via Hara Design Institute

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Now I’m the age of a woman
I won’t act like a child anymore

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[ 04 ] pastel hyuna wallpapers for anon
[ x x ] 640x1136 please like / reblog is using! :-)

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Fuck If you see me in year 2018, you can’t speak to me like this now, my success is guaranteed

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mix 9: a mix of songs that i like to listen to whenever it rains~ [listen]

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dreams feel real while we’re in them. it’s only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange.

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Magistrate, I love you.

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