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baekyeol fanmix series part ii (part i) (listen) | cover thanks to thefi

1. rhye - open | 2. mindy gledhill - anchor | 3. sundays - delicate | 4. sia - don’t bring me down | 5. two door cinema club - the world is watching | 6. diane birch - diamonds in the dust | 7. birdy - standing in the way of the light | 8. barcelona - please don’t go | 9. gabrielle aplin - start of time | 10. patrick watson - slip into your skin | 11. sleeping at last - snow

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저 오빠들 이상해

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You’ve never actually forgotten him, have you?

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go ! b.a.p - youngjae

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happy 24th birthday luhan! 

ahhh, where to begin first? pretty manly luhan, happy birthday my dearest deer! i can’t believe you’re 24, wow. you’re 25 in korean age, so almost halfway ‘til 30 [but ofc you don’t even look 20, oh luhannnn]. so first off, i just wanted to thank you for everything — for going to korea to study as an exchange student, for getting scouted on the streets of myungdong, for working so so so hard to achieve your dreams as a singer/dancer/performer in a foreign country, for making it so far and debuting in exo, and most of all, for being a /huge/ inspiration to me. “don’t give up on your dreams and keep working towards it” — these words shine as bright as lights in the night sky when i feel like i want to give up on my dreams, and i want to thank you for that. luhan, you’re so talented in both singing and dancing, and you’ve really improved throughout the past two years. it’s so nice to see you more confident about your vocals now [even though some things will never change (or maybe they will?) — giving the mic to someone else bc you don’t know what to say during interviews ehehe] but as i was saying, your voice is so angelic and you sing with so much soul [also the emotions that you convey in your eyes make me fall deeper and deeper in love with you ;n; — case at point - BDC performance with Chen Chen during the EXO debut showcase!!] how can you be so good at both singing and dancing though?? [ace luhan tbh] ;; your dancing is just as beautiful as you are, those perfectly executed moves!! and your love for soccer also amazes me because whenever you have the chance to play, you always smile so brightly and that just makes me so happy. anyhow, today is your special day, so enjoy it to the fullest!! good luck with everything and make sure to get enough rest, eat enough food, and drink a lot of water to prepare for the upcoming overdose comeback!! as a fan, i’m very very very proud of all your accomplishments & the next 2, 5, 10 years down the road, i will still support you until the very end. i love you so much luhan, thank you for being such a humble person with a beautiful personality, it really does show in everything you do [honestly, after reading all those letters that your previous friends/classmates wrote about you, i’m just so glad to know that people like you exist, people that are so selfless, kind, and motivating] ;; look at me rambling on over and over again, it’s because you’re such an amazing person. alright, so i’ll end it here, but one last message — thank you for being you, luhan. thank you for making your fans smile everyday [doing such good deeds — helping fans up at the airport when they fall down!!], thank you for never failing to put a smile on my face. ♡ 

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when haru finds a camera

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紀念你眷念的每一片海 by 有海的地方 on Flickr.

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Luhan’s Birthday countdown | D-2

20th of April of 1990

LU HAN, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I know I’m a day earlier for your birthday but I’m so excited and happy that you are turning a year older. I hope you are too that even though your birthday celebration will be a solemn one because of a tragedy that happened in South Korea, I hope that a miracle could happen on your day. And I hope you are celebrating your day with lots of love from the members and a lot of hugs and lots and lots and lots of birthday wishes because who wouldn’t love that! and i know you deserve it, you deserve all the love and all the good because for me you are special, you are a star born to give us around you joy, hope, and inspiration. Because the moment I heard your voice, i know you are special. And the moment I saw you, you have this brightest smile that made me smile too. And even though you say that your face is ugly when you laugh, I just can’t help it but to adore the faces you make and it also makes me want to laugh with you. When I’m in my lowest times in life, I just want to stay strong to see you grow, and watch you, and support you, and love you more. You give me hope to hang on to life and I know I am not alone on how much joy and hope you bring to us. You’re a bright little star of this vast universe, that even though there are a lot brighter stars around you, you will always have this special spark that will always touch us in so many special ways.

I truly wish that you receive all the love you deserve and i hope all the people around you do too, that you are happy, that you are still true, that you still care about us, and that you will shine brighter and stronger and be whoever you want to be, achieve all the dreams that you have because whatever you do, we will always love you and support you!

Happy Birthday, Luhan! Thank you and 사랑합니다!

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